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June 2012

wish him all the best in his new venture. I'll always appreciate the help he gave me on a couple of occasions in my early years of Raptor ownership. In my opinion Metaplas has lost a valuable member of staff.

I have now had to reinforce almost every part of the foil shaft, following successive failures. This will make it much stronger but may just lead to the next 'weak link' failing in the future. I think that this is most likely to be the iako itself, which might bend, as the wall thickness isn't that great (especially for passenger-carrying). It is also possible that my Powerex carbon fibre mast will snap but I have more confidence in it than in the iako. There's no way of knowing how close I am to exceeding the Raptor's design limitations, which were dictated by the compromises Hydrovisions had to make to minimise the weight (and cost) of the Raptor while maximising its strength. Only usage (and failure) will highlight further weaknesses.

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