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April 2012

with me for many years, attached with Velcro tape to the top of the bag behind my seat. I bought it in 2007 after helping an OCSG member "back to the campsite at Loch Tummel following a capsize, with him holding on to my ama. I thought afterwards that this might put unnecessary strain on the iakos and that it would be better to attach a towrope to the seat back, thus allowing a straight pull in future." I have never had reason to use it and realised that I wasn't even too sure how it should be thrown to someone in difficulties. After watching various YouTube demonstrations I think I now get the hang of it. I intend to try it out the next time I buddy up with someone. Attaching it to the seat back would be a bad idea though as this is not strong enough. It really needs to be hooked around the rear iako if used for towing, although whether it will be possible to tow another boat in this way remains to be seen. The stern-mounted cart is likely to interfere with the rope unless the towed boat stays slightly to my starboard side. The other benefit of checking it out was that I found the aluminium carbine hook inside the bag completed seized. It took some time with a wire brush and lots of WD-40 to free it up.

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