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April 2012

(P.19) and "Weights in the sidecar of 75 to 130 lbs will allow the Raptor to be sailed on the starboard tack in light to moderate breezes with the foil in its stowed or retracted position, but the boat should never be sailed in high winds or high sea states with more than 75 lbs in the sidecar" (P.20). No definition is given of "high winds" or "high sea states" but I suspect F5 winds and 2m seas fall into these categories. My passenger's weight is obviously more than 75 lbs.

The other equipment failure, which didn't become evident until I was rinsing my gear at home, was the POV H20 Pouch that encloses my video equipment's recording unit had split. This is not a huge problem as the recorder is waterproof and the pouch just adds further protection. I will continue to use it, having made partial repairs using waterproof clear Gaffer tape, as it will still provide some additional splash protection and I can't find a suitable replacement. POV have now discontinued sales of the pouch, which is hardly surprising as this is my second one that has split is exactly the same way. My first pouch was replaced under warranty two years ago.

In my Raptor review I speculated that carrying a passenger would be restrictive, as he/she would occupy the space that I previously used to stow my daggerboard and paddle, when these were not being used. This actually is not the case. I found that I could easily pass these items to my passenger and receive them back from her when required. The trim of my Raptor didn't seem to be unduly compromised by passenger or stern deck cart attachment. The latter seemed to work well as it showed no sign of slippage despite the moderate seas. I didn't have time to test the sea anchor during the outing, so this will have to wait for another day. Incidentally, I would previously have regarded the area where we sailed as the Firth of Forth, but it seems that the correct name for the river west of the bridges is the Forth estuary. The Firth apparently starts east of the bridges, where the river starts to widen markedly.




Video clip: Large/small

Here are a couple of maps showing our route and a 6-minute video clip. Click the links to watch large or small QuickTime versions or click the photo to watch a medium-sized YouTube version.

Finally, here's a table with the stats of our outing:

Total distance sailed/paddled:

10.7 km (5.8 nm)

Sailing/paddling duration:

1hr 51 min

Average speed:

3.1 knots

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