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September 2009

After tea, a group of us in four boats (Ann & KeithM, DaveS, SteveR and myself) sailed to the northern end of the lake, before returning to the campsite. There was a lot of water weed growing at both ends of the lake, which was very effective at bringing our boats to a dead stop once wrapped around rudder and dagger/lee boards. Nevertheless, I had travelled the full length of the lake during the day, without mishap, so was pleased with my new rudder setup.

Sunday started calm and with the lake obscured by a beautiful mist, which quickly dispersed once the sun warmed the air above it, so first we received a short demonstration on towing canoes from OCSG committee member SteveR. The wind then picked up so we all sailed up to the café at Coniston. After coffee, I sailed on to the northern end of the lake again but with a different group of five boats this time (Renate & PaulW, WalterG, AndyW, JohnS and myself) before returning to the campsite to rig down and load my Raptor onto the car and pack away my tent.

This is my last Raptor outing of 2009, so there is unlikely to be much activity on this site for the next six months, unless other Raptor-owners send in reports. I hope to have more to post here from April 2010 onwards. I am currently planning a Four Lochs expedition (a variation of the classic 'Three Lochs' Cruise) in May 2010 with a couple of other OCSG members, involving a clockwise cruise from Loch Lomond, down the River Leven into the River Clyde and around Gareloch, before proceeding up Loch Long, with a detour into Loch Goil, and a tricky (for me) portage across from Arrochar to Tarbet. Check back here for details!

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