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August 2009

metal edges, which would probably have rapidly cut the strands, we attached 4mm stainless steel shackles to the rudder and rope to the cockpit pedals.

These all added to the overall length of the cables so we then had to shorten the outer cable lengths. Dave removed the two stern P-clips to prevent the wire ropes kinking excessively when the rudder was pulled hard over to each side. The end result wasn't beautiful but it did allow me the use of my Raptor for the remainder of the meet.

Video clip: Large/small

AndyW helped us with ferrule-compression duties. The second swaging process was done on the (very exposed) beach and was expertly filmed

(and photographed) by JeremyT. Other members gathered around and offered moral support.

The wind remained strong during Saturday afternoon and I was a little hesitant to go out again, as my confidence in the swage fittings had taken something of a dent, but I did eventually bite the bullet later in the day and luckily all was well. This time I sat on my Raptor while it was still on the beach and applied moderate force to the rudder pedals to check that the ferrules would hold without further slippage. I also carried lengths of soft line with me to connect from pedals to rudder in an emergency. I sailed south to Inchconnachan, down the eastern side of the island and then north through the passage with Inchtavannach before heading back to Cashell. Inchconnachan was a popular destination for wild campers, with at least six different groups visible, camping around the island. The loch was sheltered when I was amongst the islands and conditions were actually very benign for most of the outing, the wind and swell only picked up significantly west of Cashell. The launching beach was particularly exposed in the prevailing wind conditions.

The wind had moderated considerably by Sunday morning and so we all met around event organiser KeithM's camper-van for a briefing at 9:30 a.m. He told us that he and Ann planned to sail across to Luss for a coffee and then on to Inchcailloch for lunch, passing through the Inchtavannach-Inchconnachan passage, and that others were welcome to join them. This met with unanimous approval so we all set off once ready. I buddied up with AndyW for the day. Following coffee at Luss, we headed in convoy through the 'narrows' and on to visit the castle ruins at Inchgalbraith. Jan, Oliver & DaveP had their coffee break at the narrows rather than at Luss, so Jan was ready to take photos of us all as we sailed or paddled through. Andy and I took turns to visit the castle, as there was only a narrow gap between the (flooded) trees on the island to moor and disembark.

We then headed on towards Inchcailloch, sailing around the south of Inchmoan together with Oliver & DaveP in one boat and JanP in her own. They turned up the eastern side of Inchmoan towards the gap with Inchcruin, while Andy and I continued on to Inchfad, passing through the narrow gap between it and the small island of Ellanderroch to the south. The wind died before we reached Inchfad and, as we drifted slowly forward at about 1 mph (according to Andy's GPS) an inflatable race support boat drew alongside. The two crew-members had been placing race buoys for the Loch Lomond Sailing Club's (LLSC) race and, after chatting for a while and complimenting Andy on his Delpha 3, invited us to visit their club-house to see their collection of vintage sailing canoes. The LLSC was previously called the Clyde Canoe Club, which was so important in the early development of canoe sailing in the UK during the 19th century.

We eventually lost patience with our snail-like progress, so we paddled to the Port Bawn campsite on Inchcailloch, where Pauline and JeremyT had stayed for several days before arriving at Cashell. As we paddled back south out of the bay after eating our lunches, we spotted three sailing canoes heading our way. These proved to be Ann & KeithM, Marie, Robert & MikeW and Pauline & JeremyT. They had stopped elsewhere to eat their lunches. Andy passed on the invitation received from the LLSC and we left them to explore Inchcailloch while we paddled up the eastern side of

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