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October 2008

After a restful night at the campsite, we were ready to set off on our return journey by 10:35 am on Sunday morning. The wind had eased considerably to F2-3 and had veered to N/NNW, perfect for an easy run back down the lake to our start-point. Furthermore, clear skies and sunshine made this a much more relaxing day on the water and everyone was able to use their full sails. By 11:55 am we had arrived at the Bowness beach, making the return leg 5 minutes quicker than the same trip up-lake on Saturday. My maximum speed during this leg was 6.9 knots. We were back on the water by 1:20 pm, as many of us were facing longish drives to get home after rigging down our boats at the end of the day, so no-one wanted to delay. In the benevolent conditions, there was less concern about staying together and I let my Raptor have a free rein, arriving back at Lakeside by 2:45 pm (amazingly, for the third time, an 85 minutes leg). Although the winds were generally lighter in the afternoon, I reached 7.2 knots for a short time. All in all, it was an enjoyable and memorable weekend.

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