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Scottish Local Meet
Loch Lomond, Stirling
14-17 April 2011

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LLSC on Sunday, as members readied their boats for a new season's sailing.

Total passage time:


Total stop time:


Overall trip duration:



77.4 km (41.8 nm)

I arrived at Milarrochy Bay at 2 p.m. so the return journey from Inversnaid had taken less than four hours, with actual passage time of about 3 hours. The distance travelled was very similar to Friday (since there was negligible tacking on either day): 21.0 km (11.3 nm). The overall stats for the expedition are shown in the table. Here's a short video from Sunday as we sailed south near Rowardennan:




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My only equipment failure occurred on this last leg of the expedition. As I tried to secure my rudder downhaul (with its shock cord attached to the front of the cockpit) after leaving Rubha Curraichd, the shock cord came away in my hands. It had worn through after almost five years' use. It soon became obvious that the rudder would not stay down without tension on the downhaul cable, so initially I sailed with the cable in my right hand, maintaining the tension. This wasn't ideal though so I then jury-rigged a tensioning system using the foil deployment lanyard. This worked well enough to get me home safely.

The other problem I encountered was not obvious until I tried to wheel my Raptor up the Milarrochy Bay ramp. Despite having unloaded my cargo first, I was surprised at how heavy the boat seemed. The balance point had also moved well back towards the stern, so that I had to push down hard on the bow while wheeling it up the ramp, to stop the stern from dragging on the concrete. It was obvious that I had shipped a large volume of water into my main hull and this was confirmed when I removed the drain plug at the stern. It seemed to be a little loose, which was strange. Anyway, this experience served as a useful reminder to drain the hull each day and to check the drain plug is tight before setting off.

Graham proclaimed himself very satisfied with his new boat. He had deliberately carried excess supplies with him, in order to see how his craft would perform on expeditions of longer duration, with heavier cargo loads. He was ready to leave the campsite by 4 p.m. while I eventually left about half an hour later. But then he had 200 miles to drive home while my journey was about a quarter the distance. Traffic in Glasgow was a nightmare though...

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