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Scottish Local Meet
Loch Lomond, Stirling
14-17 April 2011

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prevent electrocution. Moreover the water pipe is large enough and low enough to be easily seen, making it unlikely anyone would accidentally bump into it. So the reason for the wire/cable blockade is still a mystery to me.







We were able to paddle/row as far as Inverarnan (although Google Earth shows the village further north), before the water became too shallow for me to continue with my rudder down. Graham continued a little further but reported that rapids soon impeded progress, so we decided to turn back south. It had taken us less than half an hour from the canal's turning basin and it then took us a further 40 minutes to paddle/row back down to Ardlui. Interestingly, I achieved exactly the same maximum paddling speed on this section of the journey as on the first leg of the previous day's journey (4.2 knots), but my average paddling speed on the Falloch/canal was slightly less (1.8 knots), no doubt due to the need for care on the obstacle-ridden canal.







Having rigged up our masts again by Ardlui, we set off south towards our next planned stop - Island I Vow. I had forgotten my flashlight but was able to take some photos of the cellar this time. As Graham pointed out, with two tapered windows it was unlikely to have served as a dungeon and was more likely to have been used as a fortified stronghold. The southern side of the castle has a second tapered, ground level window, which appears to be for a room that is now inaccessible, with the entrance apparently blocked by rubble. Curiously, no sooner had I beached my boat on the island than a couple in a motor boat arrived, exactly as in August 2010. Curious because there was very little traffic on the lake at the time. After half an hour we set off again and, with the help of a following wind, had an easy run down to the final island I planned to visit - Inveruglas Island. This was more for Graham's benefit than mine, since I had already visited the castle in 2010 and was reluctant to disturb the nesting geese, but when he arrived Graham said he wasn't too interested in landing so we just headed straight back to our campsite.

Graham had spotted at least one boat beached on the eastern shore so we figured ChrisW and StephenC must have arrived and this was confirmed when they came down to the beach to meet us on our arrival. As 'meet organiser' (a grand title for such a small gathering) I'd had an email from Chris the previous week saying he and Stephen would like to join us at Lomond. However, Stephen wasn't able to travel up until Saturday, so they planned to launch from Tarbet. I let him know where we hoped to camp by Inversnaid and said they'd both be welcome to join us on Saturday evening. Both Chris and Stephen have only joined the OCSG very recently.




We arrived back at Inversnaid at 5 p.m., satisfied but a little weary, having been 'on the go' for 8 hours. According to my travel recorder we had travelled 34.6 km (18.7 nm) during the day, with 5 hours of 'passage' time. Stephen (white sail) and Chris (red sail) went out for a sail near Inversnaid that evening but Graham and I had had enough for the day so just watched them from the shore.

Dog-walkers seem to like the trail by the camping area and I was startled by what sounded like a

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