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Hydrovisions sent me a couple of photos of Eddie's Raptor prior to my purchase in 2006. I thought it was beautiful and asked them to build mine with the same colour scheme: blue hull & white deck.





December 7, 2006
I bought one of the first Raptors that John made,placing my order in August 2004. The first thing I did when I received my Raptor was wonder what kind of modifications I could carry out to make it faster and how I could bulletproof this craft. Well a few years later I finally have it pretty much dialed in.








December 10, 2006
The first thing I made was a traveler system, which makes sailing the boat much easier. I am in the process of making the bridle adjustable from the cockpit. The track on the rear of the boom to control mainsheet clew angle and outhaul helps a lot too. The photos show the downhaul system, which works very well.

My Raptor is now 17' 3" long, as I extended the stern about 6" with a new rudder mount that I designed. The rudder, large and small daggerboards and the bottom of both hulls have been faired using 3 coats of epoxy with Cabosil and graphite powder mixed in. They were then sanded to a smooth finish. I copied and tweaked John's design a bit, although the hull has the same profile. Since I had to repaint the boat I went all out and completely redid the hulls, getting rid of the seams on the outside between the top and bottom sections, and beefing up the inside with more carbon and epoxy. My hull is now very strong and does not feel like an eggshell whenever I am handling it. I've made countless other refinements and the boat is just about bulletproof now. The weight went up to about 63.5 kg but this includes everything, including a cooler and life vest for sailing.


December 12, 2006
It takes me less than five minutes to set up and be sailing. The traveler helps a lot when the wind starts to pick up. A lot of times I will be overpowered and the front of the ama starts to get buried in the water. The traveler keeps the sail powered up but at a different angle of attack and pushes the boat forward instead of sideways. I am now able to sail in any condition under total control.



665.5 cm


228.6 cm

Square top

66.0 cm


10.4 m2

10 May 2008
I have been busy designing a traveler track for my Raptor much like an A-class catamaran. I also made a new boom that is the same diameter as the mast and is very stiff but light. The dimensions of a new square top Kevlar sail that I bought are shown in the table (right).


18 May 2008
I finally finished the new boom and traveler system for my Raptor. It works better than I thought. There are three clevis pins holding the track to the posts. Remove those as well as the pin holding the rear cross arm and the whole assembly (track and extension arm) can be removed quickly in two pieces for travel. The posts are stainless steel and the post on the rear crossbeam is fastened with a couple layers of fiberglass tape and a layer of carbon tape.

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